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Senior Creative Designer

Santa Monica, California / Engineering / Full-Time
The Role
As the Senior Creative Designer at Red 6, you will take a critical role in developing next generation AR systems. You will be responsible for the aesthetic excellence of Red 6’s next generation of augmented reality and virtual reality interfaces, as well as any and all marketing material (including decks, website and social media). To achieve that mission, you will be involved in designing the apps, software and assets that will drive the US Air Force’s next generation of pilot training, as well as any internal/external marketing assets.

From brainstorming through implementation, the Senior Creative Designer will work with team members in our business development, product, prototyping and engineering groups. Your design time will be split between numerous aspects of the graphics and visual domain, as well as data ingestion and parsing.

You will support company leadership with the graphical look and feel of all Red 6 applications and support the co-founders in leading the visual direction and aesthetic vision for the company. You will apply foundational design principles (typography, layout, UI design), and design multi-user interfaces that engage people in both physical and virtual spaces.

Other Responsibilities

· Refine process, pipeline and workflow for visual asset creation and implementation.

· Develop visual assets and UI for prototypes.

· Develop and own style guides and the project’s art bible.

· Develop resources (guidelines, assets, and templates) that enable business development, marketing, communications, and other internals teams to build beautiful and thoughtful documents, proposals, web, and print collateral.

· Conduct research and distill insights:

· Observe the environment and audience.

· Understand stakeholders and target audiences.

· Identify and become familiar with existing content.

· Contribute to ideation and crafting of experience concepts:

· Clearly articulate ideas (sketch, verbal, and written).

· Document your thinking in artifacts like journeys, wireframes, and flows.

· Organize and categorize information into meaningful structures.

· Design multi-user interfaces and interactions in both physical and virtual spaces.

· Prepare and facilitate collaborative workshop sessions.

· Prototype, Test, & Learn:

· Create digital and/or physical prototype(s) of the experience.

· Create and execute testing protocols to evaluate the prototype.

· Document and help implement iterations to the design based on learnings.
Your Qualifications

Fluent in diverse interactive formats ranging from mobile and web applications to immersive interactive surfaces and environments Informed about design trends but interested in pushing beyond.

Mastery of color theory, typography, and layout and the ability to apply to branding, proposals, product designs, and photography.

Technology forward, with an interest in non-traditional interfaces & mixed reality.

Minimum of 7 years’ experience designing mobile or web applications, mixed reality, VR, gaming, or physical interactives.

A spectacular portfolio that bridges interactive, motion, and graphic design.

Expert proficiency in a broad array of relevant design programs.

Expert knowledge of user-centered design principles.

Demonstrable mastery of XD and prototyping software and tools.

Graphic Design/Interactive Design (or related) professional degree is preferred.

Ability to do rapid prototyping for stakeholder approval.

Preferred/Extra Skills

Experience in gaining user insight throughout the specification, design, and implementation phases through interviews, site visits and other observational methods (web analytics, remote logging, remote unmoderated usability studies, etc.). Experience with both hardware and software testing a plus.

Expertise in usability research, including both qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

Basic understanding of digital product design best practices.

Experience with Jira.

About the department
Augmented Reality / Technology Department

The Technology team at Red 6 engineers systems to see and interpret the world. These systems synthesize and visualize a synthetic reality into a hive mind of real-world knowledge. We are engineering high performing and highly advanced augmented reality platforms and infrastructure, which support our military partners’ operations. This enables us to collaborate and train with the world’s most advanced military systems and develop our soldiers’ capabilities as the world’s most important line of defense.

Research Department

The goal of the Research department is to fundamentally understand and define how the multiverse works. Embedded within the Research department is a talented team that builds the tools that allow us to conduct R&D with a unique understanding of the world’s bleeding edge technologies. These tools tackle problems from data ingestion and visualization, to intuitive interactions and advanced communications networks. In order to achieve this goal, we require a first-rate development ecosystem. As such, we’re investing in building an AR-specific engineering team.
The Red 6 Mission

To build the best in-flight Augmented Reality flight training system in the world, and to create the most lethal combat pilots on the planet.

This job description is not a contract and confers no contractual rights, privileges, or benefits on any applicant or potential applicant. Red 6 has the right to change any and all terms of this job description, including, but not limited to, job responsibilities, qualifications and benefits. Nothing in this job description constitutes an offer or guarantee of employment.

Red Six Aerospace, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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