Open position

Electrical Engineer

Santa Monica, California / Engineering / Full-Time
The Role
At Red 6, you will play a critical role in developing the next generation AR system for aerospace applications. A wide range of approaches will be involved combining electrical, mechanical, optical, firmware, and software disciplines.

As an Electrical Engineer, you will help lead the display subsystem electrical design including display driver IC validation, display module design, ESD and EMI mitigation design and display interface implementation. You will experiment with, and develop, novel solutions to the myriad of complex AR problems combining electronics, optics, mechanics and software.

You will design complex modular systems that may include microcontrollers, power supplies, data and power distribution systems, camera sensors and high-speed video interfaces. You will also draw up circuit schematics and PCB layouts, assemble and troubleshoot prototypes, oversee fabrication, and integrate designs into opto-electro-mechanical assemblies.
Your Qualifications

3+ years of experience in rapid prototyping and development of XR, embedded, and/or consumer electronics including component
selection, schematic design, board layout, assembly and troubleshooting.

Experience using Allegro, OrCAD, Altium, Eagle, KiCAD or other schematics/layout tools.

Experience working in small multidisciplinary teams on integrating systems in conjunction with mechanical and software engineers, in a self-motivated and self-managed manner.

Experience with physical sensor systems such as IMU, LIDAR, proximity sensors, and depth sensors, with an understanding of calibration methods.

Design, manufacture, assembly and testing of display (mainly LCD) systems.

Experience with various communications protocols such as I2C, I2S, UART, SPI, USBC.

Low-power circuit design, DC/DC converters, power supplies, LED driving circuitry, and measurement of data signals.

Preferred/Extra Skills

Experience with the following: digital signal processing, real-time operating systems, real time image processing, display engineering, various camera sensors and modules as well as other optical sensors.

Design electrical engineering solutions for end-to-end future AR devices and experiences.

Experience working with EMS, OEM, ODM, and CM providers.

Systems-level engineering experience with complex integrated electromechanical assemblies.

Display- and video-specific protocols such as MIPI, HDMI, DisplayPort.

Knowledge of low-level firmware programming for embedded systems, C/C++.

FPGA design and programming experience.

About the department
Augmented Reality / Hardware / Integration Technology Department:

The Hardware Technology team at Red 6 engineers high performing and highly advanced augmented reality platforms and infrastructure, which support our military partners’ training and operations.

Research Department:

The goal of the Research department is to understand and develop how the multiverse works. Embedded within the Research department is a talented team that builds the tools that allow us to conduct R&D with a unique understanding of bleeding edge technologies. These tools tackle problems from data ingestion and storage, to data visualization and advanced communications networks. In order to achieve this goal, we require a first-rate development ecosystem. As such, we’re investing in building an AR-specific engineering team.
The Red 6 Mission

To build the best in-flight Augmented Reality flight training system in the world, and to create the most lethal combat pilots on the planet.

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